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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopOrganization Act of the General Staff Headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense (2014 . 01 . 29 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
These Provisions are established according to Provision 6 of Organization Law of NMD.

Article 2
General Staff Office in MND (called“General Staff Office”in abbreviation in the following specification) is the authority, combining both the functions of staffs in military-command-mechanism & conduction in Army/Navy/Air Force joint operations, which supports the Defense Minister to administer:
operational requirement for force establishment readiness
suggestions for defense resources distribution.
examining & directing for readiness condition & force training.
Scheme for operational array.
Scheme & executive of operational plan & other force command & control affairs.

Article 3
General Staff Office is divided into the following units:
(1) Joint Operations, Training's , & Principle Development Office.
(2) Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for personnel.
(3) Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Intelligence.
(4) Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Operations & Planning.
(5) Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Logistics.
(6) Office of Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Communications, Electronics, &
(7) General Affairs Office.
General Staff Office could reckon the requirement to increase or decrease
the previous units within the establishment limit specified in the Establishment

Article 4
General Staff Office executes the conducting affairs to the authorities & operational
force units, which are established under the MND command mechanism.

Article 5
To execute the military conduction, General Staff Office may establish the special-affair unit, implementation execution unit, & supporting unit & force. The units are specified on the Establishment Charts.

Article 6
General Staff Office has one Chief of the General Staff, one Vice Chief of General Staff (Executive), & two Vice Chiefs of General Staff. The establishment rank is first-class-general for CGS and second-class-general for VCGS.

Article 7
General Staff Office has the following officers in establishment:
-5~7 Deputy Chiefs of General Staff & 2 Director Generals(2-star or 1-star general in rank)
-8~16 Assistants to DCGS (Executive), Assistants to DCGS, & Deputy Director Generals (1-star-general in rank)
-23~45 Directors (1-star-general or colonel/captain in rank)
-49~85 Deputy Directors, Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs (colonel/captain in rank)
-9 Secretaries to DCGS & Director Generals (colonel/captain or Lt. Col./commander in rank)
-430~692 Staffs (lieutenant officer, field officer, & specialist in rank). It could have 121~211 colonels/captains within the limit of 430-692 Staffs.

Article 8
General Staff Office will be schemed by General Staff Office, approved & proclaimed by MND.

Article 9
General Staff Office could employ advisors (15~30 persons in limit) & administrative clients.

Article 10
The provisions’execution date is decided by Executive Yuan within 6 months after officialization.