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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopThe organization regulations of the Military Police Command of the Ministry of National Defense (2012 . 12 . 30 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
Ministry of Defense for the military military affairs, specialist Ministry of Defense Gendarmerie Command (hereinafter referred to as headquarters)

Article 2
Headquarters of the Gendarmerie military affairs, the following matters:
1.Planning, supervision and enforcement of political operations.
2.Inspection, supervision and enforcement of inspectors' business and legal affairs.
3.Personnel management, education, history and general administrative business planning, supervision and implementation.
4.Intelligence work and crime investigation planning, supervision and enforcement.
5.Combat, garrison, mobilization and training planning, supervision and implementation.
6.Logistical supervision, coordination and control.
7.Communication information planning, supervision and implementation.
8.The establishment of military policy and the establishment and development of the army planning and supervision.
9.Planning, supervision and enforcement of other matters.

Article 3
Headquarters for the implementation of gendarmerie warfare and military preparations for the need to have a command agency, training institutions, professional machine
Institutions, agencies, support agencies and units; their organizations to form a group of equipment.

Article 4
The headquarters commander, deputy commander of the one, are the lieutenant general; chief of staff one, Major General.

Article 5
The title of the official title and the official rank, and the other to set the table.

Article 6
Headquarters according to business needs, have to use the national army hired personnel.
The provisions of the Chinese Republic of China on February 15 2006. after the implementation of amendments, shall not use the former staff;
The user has to continue to hire until leaving.

Article 7
This procedure is implemented on the date of issue.