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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: The Organization Regulations of the Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School (2020 . 01 . 20 Amended)Chinese
Article 1
These regulations are drafted according to Section 2, Article 19 of the Military Education Act.

Article 2
The Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School (hereinafter referred to as the school) is subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense, also follows the relevant education laws and regulations, and is under the direction of the Ministry of Education.

Article 3
The goal of the school is for the education of preparatory cadets for the Army, Naval, Air Force Academies, and the Political Warfare College of the National Defense University. So the students graduate from the school will eventually complete the senior secondary education (or including the junior one) and the military preparatory education.

Article 4
The foundation of the school education is according to the characteristics and the prospects of the development.

Article 5
The school has the following divisions, centers, and sections; each of them are responsible for their respective affairs and fulfill them in even detailed units.
1. The Academic Affairs Division: to handle affairs that pertain to admissions, registration, class affairs, teaching materials, student status, other teaching affairs, etc.
2. Student Affairs Division: to handle psychological counseling of students, life counseling, extra-curricular activities guidance, patriotic education, security protection, news processing, civil Affairs, etc.
3. General Affairs Division: to handle documents, personnel, logistics, engineering construction, procurement and tendering, and other general affairs.
4. Information and Library Center: to handle the collection of teaching research materials, to provide information services, etc.
5. Comptroller Office: to handle yearly accounting, accounting and statistical matters.
6. Medical Clinic: to handle preventive health care, military medical administration, the medical treatment of out-patient (emergency) service and the preparation of healthcare materials.
For teaching and research requirements, the school would report to the Ministry of National Defense
for the approval, adjustment, or setting up some units demanded.

Article 6
The school also has Student Headquarters, Student Battalions, and Service Company.

Article 7
The school has a commandant, a major general adjudicating the school affairs; an Executive Director and a Political Warfare Director, both are colonels assisting the commandant in handling school affairs.

Article 8
Teachers here are appointed on a full-time basis, but under special circumstances, part-time teachers could be appointed. The employment of teachers defined above is subject to the Teachers Act.

Article 9
The ranks and posts of all the professional titles of the school are authorized by means of another table of content of the organization of the personnel and equipment.

Article 10
Various conferences could be set up in accordance with the provisions of the Senior High School Education Act and the Compulsory Education Act.

Article 11
Various committees could be set up in accordance with the provisions of the Senior High School Education Act and the Compulsory Education Act. The required staff are redeployed within the posts set out in the Regulation.

Article 12
According to our business requirement, military contract staff could be hired.

Article 13
The regulations will take effect on the date of their proclamation.