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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: Organization Regulations of the Air Force Academy (2007 . 02 . 12 Amended)Chinese
Article 1
This organization regulation is adopted pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 19 of the Regulations of Military Education.

Article 2
The Air Force Academy (“The Academy”) is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Defense (MND). The Ministry of National Defense of Air Force Headquarters, authorized from the MND, is responsible for taking charge of all affairs concerning the Academy. Following the education-related laws, the Academy is also being directed by the Ministry of Education.

Article 3
The aim of the Academy is to educate well-rounded officers for air force.

Article 4
Based on its needs and development directions, the Academy is authorized to handle the following education's:
Paragraph (1) Basic Education.
Paragraph (2) Refresh Advanced Education.

Article 5
The Academy has established the following units:
(1) Academic Affairs Division: responsible for recruitment, registrations, curricula, teaching materials, enrollment status, and other academic affairs.
(2) Student Affairs Division: responsible for psychological counseling, guidance counseling, hygiene, supervision of extracurricular affairs, patriotic education, consulting service, military discipline and ethic, military security, and other types of student guidance.
(3) General Affairs Division: responsible for surveillance and execution of records, general matters, human resources, logistics, construction matters, and other general affairs.
(4) Operations and Intelligence Division: responsible for planning and evaluating the intelligent operations.
(5) Library and Information Center: responsible for collecting teaching and research materials, providing information services, developing integrated information system, training, and the others information affairs.
(6) Inspection Office: responsible for planning, effectiveness, and improvement of each inspection.
(7) Comptroller Office: responsible for budgeting, accounting, and statistics.
(8) Instructor General Office: responsible for planning, and executing military course, physical strength and tactics ability.
In accordance with the needs of teaching, researching, and extension education, the Academy may resize, adjust, or establish units upon the approval of the MND.

Article 6
The Academy has also established School of Military Studies, Flying training Command, Flying Safety Education and Training Center, School of academic studies, General Education Center, Student Command, Air Force History Museum, Maintenance and Supply Group, Base Service Group, and Service Company.

Article 7
The Academy has one Superintendent ranked as Major General, who takes charge in all school affairs. To assist the Superintendent in handling school affairs, in addition, Deputy Superintendent ranked as Major General, Executive Director, Political Affairs Director both ranked as Colonel. are set to assist Superintendent in handling relevant

Article 8
The Academy has appointed a Dean ranked as Colonel in School of Academic Studies, and Chairpersons ranked as Colonel in academic departments and academic sections.
They serve for specific times, and are selected by the faculty set forth in the respective MND's Organization regulations in accordance with the procedures. A qualified Professor has the first priority to be selected for the title mentioned above. The Associate Professor can be selected once a Professor is not available, for one term only.

Article 9
The teachers, categorized as Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Lecturer, are responsible for teaching, researching, and guiding. The Teaching Assistants (TAs) are employed to assist teachers in teaching and researching.
Both teachers and TAs shall be selected and hired in accordance with the regulations and procedures related to education and personnel.

Article 10
The Academy consists of Commanders, Division Directors, Instructor-General, Group Commanders, Directors, Chiefs, Curators, Deputy Commanders, Deputy Group Commanders, Deputy Chiefs, Deputy Director-General, Deputy Directors, Section Chiefs, Chief Instructors, Squadron Commanders, Instructors, Teachers, Counseling Officers, Staffs, Deputy Squadron Commander, Element Leaders, Teaching Assistants, Company Commanders, Storage Commanders, Surgeons, and Platoon Commanders.

Article 11
All positions listed on this organization regulation will be reflected on a staffing chart showing the full complement of the teaching and administrative staff, which will be submitted to the MND for approval prior to implementation.

Article 12
The School, academic departments, and academic sections may establish committees and task forces as necessary to handle matters delegated by the Academy. These committees shall be determined in accordance with the Law for college Education.

Article 13
The Academy may establish committees and task forces Academy. These committees shall be determined in as necessary to handle matters delegated by the accordance with the Law for college Education. The persons needed to run the Committees shall be selected from the members defined on this Organization Regulation.

Article 14
The recruitment of civilian employees has been suspended after the amendment of the organizational regulations of The Academy on 12 February 2007. The incumbent civilian employees will continue theirs employment until they leaving theirs present position.

Article 15
This Organization Regulation shall be implemented upon its officialization.