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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopOrganization Regulations of the Army Missile and Artillery Training Command and Artillery School (2014 . 06 . 04 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
This Regulation is prescribed in accordance with Military Education Regulation the, Nineteenth Clause ,Rule One.

Article 2
Army Missile and Artillery School(AMAS) is subordinated to the Ministry of National Defense Army General Headquarters can be commissioned to conduct related affairs

Article 3
The objective of the AAMS is the training of Army officer and sergeant's field artillery, air defense artillery, and missile maintenance speciality.

Article 4
The further education of the AAMS is designed in accordance with school's features and policies.

Article 5
The AMAS is departmentalized into divisions, centers, and offices, each of which being in charge of the following items ,and divide into groups to wield in purpose.
(1)Academic Section: in charge of enrolment, register, curriculum affairs, teaching materials, student status, and other academic affairs.
(2)Students' Affairs Section: in charge of Psychological counseling, life counseling, health care, extracurricular activities guidance, patriotic education, counseling service, military discipline, ethics and military security.
(3)General Affairs Section: in charge of personnel, logistics, construction, and other general affairs.
(4)Operation &Training Division :Responsible for intelligence, operational training and planning, supervision, assessment and execution of artillery forces’ post training.
(5)Information Library Center: in charge of collection of teaching research resources, and providing inform service. developing information system and personnel training.
(6)Comptroller Office: in charge of budgeting, general accounting, and statistics.
(7)Operational Development Division :Responsible for the organization, doctrine of Army artillery and missile, military material R & D, publication of artillery specialized periodical and other related operational development affairs.
(8)General Instructor Office:in charge of planning lessons and training executing of military training and physical techniques.
Any organizational change or extension for teaching, research, and recruitment could only be made under the ratification of the MND.

Article 6
The AMAS consists of Student Brigade, Training and Service Battalion, and Headquarter Company.

Article 7
The AAMS has one principal , Major General and in charge of general school affairs. There are two vice principals, one Executive Director and one Director of Political Warfare, all of them are Colonel responsible for assisting the principal in dealing with school affairs.

Article 8

Article 9
The official rank and prescribed number of personnel listed in the Regulation is specified by the Table of Organization.

Article 10
The AMAS is not allowed to hire employees after the Regulations executed in May 22,2007.Each of hired employees keep working until out of duty.

Article 11
The Regulation shall be implemented upon it officialization.