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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopOrganization Regulations of the Combined Logistics School (2014 . 06 . 04 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
This Organization Regulations of the CLS is enacted in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 19 of the Act Military Education.

Article 2
The CLS is subordinate to the ministry of The MND. The Combined Logistics Command (hereinafter referred to as CLC) could be authorized to act the founding of the school.

Article 3
The main objectives of the CLS are to train armed forces officers and sergeants with logistics and maintenance specialties.

Article 4
The pursuing further education plans designed in accordance with the features and policies of the CLS.

Article 5
The CLS is departmentalized into Divisions, Centers and Offices, each of which being in charge of following items:
(1)Academic Section: in charge of enrolment, register, curriculum affairs, teaching materials, student status, and other academic affairs.
(2)Students' Affairs Section: in charge of psychological counseling, life counseling, health care, extracurricular activities guidance, patriotic education, counseling service, military discipline inspection, military security.
(3)General Affairs Section: in charge of personnel, logistics, construction, and other general affairs.
(4)Information Library Center: in charge of the collection of teaching research resources, construction of the informational environment of logistic school, training of broadcast of system, information security and providing information service.
(5)Finance Office: in charge of budgeting, general accounting, and statistics.
(6)Operation Research and Development Office: in charge of the publishing of Combined logistics manning and equipping, doctrines, material research and development, military academic journals, and other operational research developments.
The CLS could apply the organizational change or extension to the MND for the needs of teaching and research.

Article 6
The CLS has Supply-Transport Branch, Medical-Education Branch, Instructor-General's Office, Training and Practical Support Factory, Student Squadron, Logistics Training Inspect Center, and Headquarter Company. The Branches could set Student Squadron, Motor Vehicle Training Support Company, and Service Group. The Branches may further set up Bureau and Institution to meet executive needs.

Article 7
The CLS has one principal, Major General, in charge of general school affairs;one Executive Director and one Director of Political Warfare, both of who are Colonel , assisting the principal in dealing with school affairs.

Article 8
The CLS has Director, Executive Director, Commander, Instructor-General, Brigade Commander, Division Director, Vise Division Director, Section Director, Section Deputy Director, Chief Counselor, Deputy Commander, Instructor-Director, Chief, Factory Director, Group Commander, Instructor, Staff, Deputy Factory Director, Institution Chairman, Company Commander, Squadron Commander, Medical Officer, Captain, Deputy Company Commander, Platoon Leader, and Element Leader.

Article 9
The official rank and prescribed number of personnel listed in the Regulation is specified by the Table of Organization.

Article 10
Military employees will ont add from the Regulations were amended on February 16.2007;and those whom have been employed,could be employed continually till leaving jobs.

Article 11
The Regulations will take effect on the date decided by the MND.