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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopOrganization Regulations of the Fu Hsing Kang College (2006 . 09 . 28 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
This statute is based on the Article 19. Of the Military Education Regulation.

Article 2
The Political Warfare College (Will be named as FHK College in the following articles) is under the command of Ministry of National Defense and the General Bureau of Political Warfare and is also counseled by the Ministry of Education according to the Education Law.

Article 3
The main educational object of the FHK College is to train and educate the officers and ncos. Whose missions are in the professional field of political warfare.

Article 4
According to the identity and the direction of development, the FHK College has the following different educational courses:
1. Basic course
2. Refresh course
3. Advanced course

Article 5
In the administrational structure, the different braches and departments are established as follows:
1. Department of Education Administration: administers recruitment, registration, teaching affairs teaching material, study record and other issues concerned to the education administration.
2. Department of Students' Affairs: administers psychology counseling, discipline counseling, health and sanitizes counseling, directing of students' activities, patriotic education, counseling services, military discipline and control and military security.
3. Department of General Affairs: administers document and files, personnel affairs, logistics, engineering and constructions, and other issues concerned as general affairs.
4. Information Library: administers the data collecting for educational use and providing information services.
5. Information and Media Center: administers planning and the establishment of information and computer system, management of network, and hardware maintenance's, the recording and producing of media programs and the management of FHK studio.
6. Comptrolling Office: is responsible for controlling, and statistics of the revenue.
FHK College can also establish the units or branches according to the necessity and the regulations of the Ministry of National Defense.

Article 6
Other sections in FHK College are Chief Instructor office, the Advanced Study Program of Political Warfare, Command of Senior Cadets, Command of Cadets, National Development Course, Language training Center, Departments of Education, Graduate Departments, and the headquarters Company.

Article 7
One Lieutenant General is assigned as Commandant of FHK College and is responsible for the complete issues of the College, two Major Generals are assigned as Deputy Commandant and Chief of Staff, both assist the Commandant to manage the issues of the College.

Article 8
One Colonel is assigned as the Director of the Teaching Department, one Colonel is assigned as Director at different Graduate Departments, and one Colonel assigned as Director at different Departments of Education.

Article 9
Professors, Associate Professors and Docents are assigned for teaching, researching and counseling, for the necessity of education, the Assistants cab also be assigned.

Article 10
Directors of all Departments, Chief Instructors, Commanders of all units, Teachers, Instructors, Staffs, Clinical Doctors are assigned to accomplish the certain missions at FHK College.

Article 11
All the positions, ranks and quantity of members listed above will be seen in the Organization Chart.

Article 12
All kinds of conferences and meetings can be established according to the Law for College Education.

Article 13
This Statute will be executed since the date of officialization. All kinds of committees can be established according to the necessity and the members of the committee can be assigned from the list shown above.

Article 14
FHK College can recruit civilian personnel the for necessity of the missions.

Article 15
This Statute will be executed since the date of officialization.