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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopUniforms Act of the Army (2007 . 11 . 07 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
The Army Uniforms are based on this Act .

Article 2
Army Officers , Trainees , Students , Non Commissioned Officers , Enlisted Soldiers,should wear uniforms as required in this Act,and should also wear the required badge ( symbol ) .

Article 3
There are four kinds of Army Uniforms as follows :
1 - Ceremonial Uniform .
2 - Gala Uniform .
3 - Daily Uniform .
4 - Ordinary Uniform .

Article 4
The Ceremonial Uniform is worn on the following occasions :
1- Attending a grand ceremony of our own and foreign countrirs or day time banquet .
2- To call on the President or Head of State of our Allies .
3- Formal visit or Repaying visit to a high ranking officials of our Allies .
4- Attending all kinds of Military Occasion or other Ceremonies .

Article 5
Wearing the Gala Uniform on the following occasions :
1- Attending a Grand Evening Banquet in our country .
2- Accompanying the President to attend an Evening Banquet .
3- Attending an International Evening Banquet .

Article 6
Wearing the Daily Uniform on the following occasions :
1- Accompanying the President on a field trip .
2- Ordinary working days or outing .
3- Attending all kinds of meeting .

Article 7
Wearing the Ordinary Uniform on the following occasions :
1- Ordinary working days or outing .
2- No operating inside the camp .
3- Patroling the battle field .

Article 8
If the Ceremonial Uniform or the Gala Uniform is not ready , it can be replaced with the Daily Uniform .

Article 9
The Ceremonial Uniform and the Gala Uniform are only suitable for Officers of Second Lieutenant or above ; The Daily Uniform and the Ordinary Uniform are suitable for all the Army Officers , Non Commissioned Officers , Enlisted Soldiers and Students .

Article 10
The Army Trainees wear all kinds of uniforms according to their original rank . During their training period what kind of special badge wear is determined by the Ministry of National Defense .

Article 11
The Army Uniform Style and the required Badge ( Symbol ) are based on the Attached Drawings -1 ~ 7 of this Act ( Reference : Page-5475-5491 of May Issue (9) , 1994 of decrees of the Republic of China's Existing Law .

Article 12
The Uniforms for the Honoring Guard, Band of the Army,all kinds of working uniforms and other special uniforms and badge ( symbol ) that are not specified in this Act are determined by the Ministry of National Defense according to their needs .

Article 13
Those awardung with Decorations , Medals , should wear as required .

Article 14
The seasonal uniforms changing time is regulated by the Ministry of National Defense .

Article 15
The Army personnel being assigned to serve in the Navy , Air Force , or vise a versa , their uniforms required are according to the Uniforms Act of their original military branch .

Article 16
When the Reserved Military Men of the Army attend a grand ceremony , they are suitable to use the uniform as per requirements stipulated in this Regulation .

Article 17
The Enforcement Date of this Act will be as ordered .