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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: Ministry of Defense Political Warfare Bureau Organization Act (2012 . 12 . 12 Amended)Chinese
Article 1
The Political Warfare Bureau (hereafter referred to as the Bureau) is established under the Ministry of National Defense to administer political warfare affairs.

Article 2
The Bureau is responsible for the following areas:
1.Planning and issuing the political warfare policies; planning, supervising and executing mental counselling, welfare and benefits, civil-military relations, legal rights and protection of military personnel.
2.Planning, supervising and executing political education, culture promotion and recreation, psychological warfare, all-out defense education and maintaining the morale of military personal.
3.Planning, supervising and executing the protection of the confidential information (excluding the MND’s official confidential information), background check, consultations, security protection, and education.
4.Planning, supervising and executing the policies for reconstruction of aging military villages, dependents services, and the culture preservation of military villages.
5.Planning, supervising and executing military information.
6.Other political warfare related affairs.

Article 3
To have aforementioned affairs well managed, the Bureau shall establish different divisions and offices accordingly, and also sections under the divisions and offices when necessary.

Article 4
The Bureau is commanded by a director, equivalent to the level 13 of a senior civil servant or lieutenant general equivalent; with one or two vice director, level 12 or major general equivalent.

Article 5
In order to execute political warfare affairs of the Armed Forces, the Bureau can also set up specialized organizations, executive organization and troops. The organizational structure is regulated by table of organization and equipment.

Article 6
Ranks and levels for all positions as well as quota of the Bureau are regulated by a separate organization table.

Article 7
Based on different needs, the Bureau is able to hire contract employees.

Article 8
The effective date of this Act is regulated by the Executive Yuan