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Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.



Title: stopThe Military Educational Publicity Regulations in Prevention of Underage Sex Trades (2017 . 05 . 17 Abolished)Chinese
Article 1
The regulations are based on the 2nd clause of article 3 in the Prevention Regulations of Children and Juvenile Sexual Trades.

Article 2
The goals of the measures are to enhance the educational publicity, establish a correct sexual concept, and terminate the conductors over sexual trades with children and juveniles.

Article 3
The objects of the measures are entire military officers, NCOs, servicemen, students and the civilians.

Article 4
MND is responsible of publicizing various educational information on preventive measures issued by the central authorities concerned, and mapping out correspondent measures and protocols.

Article 5
The respective HQs in the Army, Navy, Air Force, are charged with execution, supervision and evaluation in Educational Publicity Program for Prevention of Children and Juvenile Sexual Trades.

Article 6
Unit commanding officers/generals of in all levels are responsible for pushing forward the Educational Publicity for Prevention of Children and Juvenile Sexual Trades within their own unit, and ensure every subordinate officers and soldiers to fully understand the content of the educational publicity.

Article 7
The contents of the educational publicity measures are:
1.To build up the right sexual concept.
2.To respect other's sexual liberty.
3.To correct the wrong sexual concept.
4.To make known that the sex should not be the trade object.
5.The sufferings of children or juveniles who conduct sexual trades.
6.Other matters related to children and juvenile sexual trades, which need to be prevented.
The Political Warfare Bureau is in charged of publicizing the 2nd and 3rd clauses, while the Military Medical Affairs Bureau is responsible for the rest of clauses.

Article 8
The Military Justice units should include the measures and protocols related to prevention of Children and Juvenile Sexual Trades into annual military publicity educational activities.

Article 9
The Regulations will be effective upon issuing.